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Testimonials (Don't Take Our Word For It!)

Real client testimonials and results using Jim's Jigs fishing jigs, sinkers, down rigging sinkers, drift boat anchors, tied hooks and non-lead fishing equipment.

Fishing with Jim's Jigs jigs.

What a great day out west! I caught this brown with a maggot and a copper wire worm.

Jim's Jigs fishing jigs.

I caught this one at Gull Lake late last year. Sorry no weight on it. I caught it on a Jim's Jigs Marabou.

Jim's Jigs fishing sinkers.

2017 December 29th -Pike Lake, Ontario, Canada. I took my son back home to see the family for Christmas he son caught a beautiful Walleye! Caught on a Glow White 1/4 oz. jig with a Pink Glitter Tail.

Jim's Jigs drift boat anchors.

2017- Buck Lake - Went fishing with my son for the weekend on May Long. I caught this Walleye on a Bottom Bouncer with a small minnow.

Jim's Jigs down rigging sinkers.

Canada Day Weekend - My son out fished me this day! He caught many nice Walleye and a decent Pike on a Jim's Jigs Hot Pink 1/4 oz. Jig and a Pink Glitter Tail.

Jim's Jigs tied hooks.

I have to say I'm stoked about this catch. The Pike weighed in at 18 lbs on the dot. It was caught on a Jim's Jigs 1/4 Pink Beaded Marabou. Jim's Jigs where families smile and adventures begin!

Jim's Jigs non-lead fishing.

Secret Location-3rd Pike in 20 minutes on a Pink & White 1/4 oz. Round Jig with a White Double Tail.

Jim's Jigs fishing equipment.

My Daughters first catch of 2018! She snagged this nice white on a red with white eye, brass Wire Dart.

Jim's Jigs made-in-canada.

The boys and I were hammering the Pike of the Brown Lows with round 1/2 oz. Chartreuse & Red Jigs sporting Orange Glitter Double Tails. Best Combo Ever!

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